SpeakeasySpeakeasy from the seasea

A hidden cocktail bar in Chiclana de la Frontera  where you can delight the freshest fish in the Atlantic, because two Galician brothers – Xandre and Nuno- receive fresh fish every day from their family’s boats,  in the galician coast.

This fish is received at the next door fish market  – Finisterra – the coolest on the entire coast, which is run by Nuno.

How do they connect? Through a refrigerator, which customers must pass through to enter Cabo, where Xandre puts the magic behind the bar.



Brand identity




The proposal is a brand inspired by Galicia, putting a little land where the sea is. Cape Finisterra

A fishmonger that connects with a Seafood cocktail bar, a mysterious and hidden place, where you will enjoy yourself. That smells of the sea and Jerez, nothing can go wrong.

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